We help because we  understand!

If you are a low-risk individual, think about becoming a local volunteer which we call, being a "buddy". You help them with basic shopping needs and friendship level companionship, like having a conversation or playing virtual games.  

If you are a high-risk individual you can apply for a local volunteer to help pick up your medicine, food, hygiene products, etc. They also enjoy having conversations and playing virtual games, your buddy is here with you through the good and the bad times.          

We help match low-risk local volunteers (called buddies) with high-risk individuals effected by Covid-19. Our volunteers help you with free basic shopping needs and enjoy having, good old fashion conversations!

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We will ask basic information like your contact infomation, location, etc.

*You need to be considered high-risk to use this service. See a complete list before applying.

Get matched with your local buddy.

We screen all our volunteers before they start helping or having conversations with you.

*Some items/conversations are restricted, please see our rules.

You're not a transaction.

Your buddy is here for the long run and will help you with free basic shopping assistance.

They can also have fun speaking with you or playing games, of course virtually!  

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