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Based upon available information to date, those at high-risk for severe illness from COVID-19 include:

65+ Years Old 

People over the age of 65 have shown to be at a higher-risk for complication due to COVID-19.  People living in a nursing home or long-term care facility have also shown to be at a higher risk for complication due to COVID-19. 

Certain Medical Conditions 

People with the following medical conditions have shown to be at a higher risk for complication due to COVID-19:  

Chronic lung disease
Moderate to Severe asthma
Heart disease with complications
Renal Failure
Liver Disease

Background Checks

Please keep in mind that this initiative is being run by volunteers. We do not have the funds or the capacity to run full background checks on each volunteer/person needing help. Each person is run through a quick screening to check for inaccurate information. Information like a criminal or sex offense may show up at this point.

When something looks off we will require additional information from the participant. At this point, they will be fully screened including our unique photo ID verification, in which the person holds a unique one-time code with their government-issued ID in the same photo. Their information will also be sent off to a third party for deep review. This normally takes 48-72 hours. In rare cases we may require the participant to pay for the background check if they would like to volunteer on our platform.

By completing the signup form to be matched or to be a volunteer you agree that you accept all risk and responsibility and further hold any facilitator/volunteer/staff, etc associated with (INC) harmless of any wrong doing.

Common Questions

Sign up and let us know how we can help! Our service is free and we don't expect anything in return. We just want to help!

We currently only assist in Florida.  If you are located in another area, let us know that you are interested in having us help.

As more volunteers come onboard, delivery times will decrease and areas served will increase. We aim to respond to each request within 24 hours and have items delivered within two hours after they have been purchased.

Of course, this is not a one-time service, we are here to help you as long as you need help. We can only come once a day, but a volunteer will be happy to assist you again when you need something else.

1: When dropping off supplies to a person in need, we recommend having no personal contact and dropping the supplies at the door.  ALWAYS REMAIN SIX (6) FEET AWAY FROM ANYONE.

2: If you're sick, stay home anyone reported to be sick will helping could be banned & reported to local local authorities.

3: Clean and disinfect your regularly used surfaces often, including your car's steering wheel, controls and light switches/door knobs.  Clean or sanitize your hands before, after and during handling any items.

4: Always wear a mask when volunteering if possible CovidSafeCorps will attempt to supply you with PPE.  

5: Don't touch your face. If you have to cough, cough into your elbow and wash your hands immediately. 

6. Speak to our in-house Infectious Disease Control Nurse about any concerns or safety suggestions.

The Don'ts

We do NOT allow our volunteers to buy certain items. To make this list easy they ONLY buy food, medicine, hygiene & paper products.

Our volunteers are NOT ALLOWED to enter your home for safety reasons, including helping you to the fridge, table, etc.

Our volunteers are NOT ALLOWED to hang out with you for chatting, gaming, or any other reason. They are busy helping other people in the local area and practicing social distancing.

Our volunteers CANNOT ask for tips or charge any fees. Please report any of theses actions to our team at

You CANNOT harm, demand, threaten, make sexual references (even in a joking manner) or touch any of our volunteers. Additionally, each volunteer is tracked through GPS system and can only be at one location for no more than five (5) minutes.

We will notify the police if any of those actions are taken against our volunteer(s).

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